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Before & After

Before Endermologie Picture

The before picture illustrates what happens when the body’s waste removal system starts to fail; waste products build up and the connective tissue becomes saturated with fluid,  inflamed and swollen.

The growing fat cells destroy the network of collagen and elastin fibers, forming hard pockets of fat, and interfere with the vascular and lymphatic systems.   

These pockets of fat are the cause of the orange peel or cottage cheese appearance known as cellulite. The factors influencing cellulite include genetic predisposition, hormones, hydration, diet, exercise, stress, drugs and medications. 

Diet and exercise both help with eliminating the deep fat stores, but diet and exercise are not successful with eliminating cellulite.  Many women who exercise regularly and follow a rigorous diet may still have cellulite.  And the more advanced the condition of the cellulite, the greater the effort required to treat it.

After Endermologie Picture

The after picture demonstrates the effect on the same bodies after a number of Endermologie treatments. 

The congested lymph and the hardened pockets of fat have been cleared away. The weak network of collagen and elastin fibers have been strengthened and remodeled. 

The toxins have been flushed away by the lymph system. The effective action of the rollers has stretched the connective tissue fibers, resulting in a smoother, more contoured body. 

A look at the before and after pictures together below...

Before Endermologie Picture After Endermologie Picture

Royal Touch Endermologie®

A safe and effective solution for cellulite ~ and much more!